Why Multivariate and How it can help to make better predictions?

Time series forecast plays a critical role in taking decisions in most industries. For example , forecasting the number containers to be purchased for a shipping company can save millions for the business. Similarly forecasting the demand for a particular product type plays a very important role in pricing and hence profitability for a e-commerce company.

In most cases its the business or the operations team who knows the factors that effect the demand or supply. Simply making the forecast based on the historical patterns may not always yield…

We know that Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people which is completely focused on people. Being a researcher in Deep learning topics like Computer Vison and Natural language Processing, I always get struck while implementing engineering piece of code (commonly called as boilerplates) rather than concentrating entirely on building the required deep learning architecture. It also becomes extremely difficult and time consuming when trying to understand other complex research implementations due to the unorganized way of defining and writing different pieces of deep learning modules. …

Online Yoga classes are the latest trend and the options with current pandemic situation. With teachers not being physically present, it becomes challenging to monitor every student and make sure that students do not get into wrong postures which may lead to injuries.

In this blog we try to introduce Yoga pose estimator which can detect the student posture in real time .

The blog is divided into below parts

1. General understanding of Pose detection

2. Detail installation guide of the pose detector

3. Understanding the trick behind detecting Yoga pose

4. Practical implementation of Yoga pose detector


NandaKishore Joshi

Data Scientist experienced in solving business problems using Machine learning and Deep learning.

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